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Energy Solutions

Energy solutions for the decarbonization journey

无论是可再生能源,可再生天然气, hydrogen or other low carbon energy services, 威尼斯电玩城手游利用威尼斯电玩城手游在欧洲大陆的影响力为客户提供灵活的服务, 具有成本效益的解决方案来管理他们的能源和脱碳需求, helping them respond to the energy transition. We aim to leverage the size and scale of our energy network and trading platform 成为低碳能源的主要供应商 North American 工业、石油、天然气和公用事业部门.

Our areas of expertise


Recent customer solutions

Intermediate channels solution: 蒸汽热电联产将多余的蒸汽货币化,并使现有的电力需求脱碳.

Petroleum refining solution: Replace package boilers with combined heat and power for more economic source of energy while also decarbonizing.


Recent customer solutions

Oil & gas pipeline solution: 多个风能和太阳能购电协议,以脱碳运营.

Steel producer solution: Long-term wind PPA to decarbonize operations.

Offset hydrocarbon feedstocks with renewable natural gas (RNG) or replace them with hydrogen.

Recent customer solutions

Long-haul trucking solution: 蓝色和绿色用于最终用途燃料的大型氢气生产中心.

Base-to-base trucking solution: 使用可再生天然气原料的小型绿色氢枢纽用于回基地卡车运输.

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Capture and sequester CO2 when hydrocarbon feedstocks can’t be avoided.

Recent customer solutions

Oil & gas producers solution: 碳运输和封存系统,以解决大型工业部门的排放.

Power generation solution: 固存系统支持低碳密集型天然气发电.

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Our trading platform

The TC Energy trading platform combined with our investment-grade credit rating allows us to design risk-management solutions that fit both our internal needs as well as those of our customers.

Our vision is to be the premier energy infrastructure company in North America.

TC Energy Marketing helps enable this vision by providing value-adding solutions to our customers through leveraging expertise in commodity trading, risk management and physical market operations. We are active in various markets including natural gas, liquids, power and emissions in the U.S. and Canada.

威尼斯电玩城手游利用威尼斯电玩城手游在欧洲大陆的存在为威尼斯电玩城手游的客户提供灵活的服务, 具有成本效益的解决方案,以管理他们的能源和风险管理需求. Via TC Energy Marketing, a team of traders (power, crude oil, natural gas, and emissions) and analysts oversee physical and financial portfolio risk management that allow companies to meet low-carbon and renewable energy goals while reducing their energy costs.

TC Energy活跃于行业论坛,包括 North American Energy Markets Association.

Our Marketing Teams

Steeped in expansive experience in the power and energy arenas, TC Energy Marketing teams offer:

  • Energy procurement, hedging and optimization
  • 碳和环境属性采购和对冲
  • 管理不同市场和不同条件下的商品风险敞口
  • 管理来自客户和内部业务的位置风险
  • 解决环境暴露问题,以满足客户和内部需求

Energy solutions

凭借威尼斯电玩城手游在天然气和液体管道,储存和发电方面的专业知识, our trading capability has expanded to include energy procurement and power and emissions trading. 以威尼斯电玩城手游的投资级信用评级和能源和电力足迹为后盾, 威尼斯电玩城手游可以设计定制的金融和实物产品来管理风险和创造价值.

Our trading history

Companies such as TC Energy have long used the ability to trade commodities and power to manage risk. Now TC Energy is utilizing its trading experience to build out a power and emissions platform to meet its strategic needs as well as those of its customers. 结合原油、天然气和液化天然气, TC Energy Marketing offers a diverse menu of options aimed at helping customers gain access to new products. 通过营销来扩大专业知识是顺理成章的下一步, origination and trading capability.

  Alberta Power Marketing

As an energy infrastructure company, 威尼斯电玩城手游认识到威尼斯电玩城手游在更大的能源系统中的角色, including our own emission of greenhouse gases.

We are leaders in the development of a balanced and sustainable energy future and we’re doing our part to manage our GHG emissions through the programs and initiatives that meet, and often exceed, regulatory requirements.


  U.S. Natural Gas Marketing

As an energy infrastructure company, 威尼斯电玩城手游认识到威尼斯电玩城手游在更大的能源系统中的角色, including our own emission of greenhouse gases.

We are leaders in embracing our energy transition and we’re doing our part to manage our GHG emissions through the programs and initiatives that meet, and often exceed, regulatory requirements.

  U.S. Power Marketing

从2021年开始,威尼斯电玩城手游营销公司开始在美国开展业务.S. power marketing services. 专注于优化风险,提升价值,为客户提供创新的解决方案.  The U.S. power team participates within the following key US Power Markets: PJM, ERCOT, MISO, CAISO and SPP.

Our current Energy Solutions

24x7 Carbon-Free Power Solution

TC Energy is launching a first-of-its-kind 24x7 Carbon-Free power product in the province of 艾伯塔省,定位客户管理每小时的电力需求与成本确定性 并通过从无排放的资产中采购电力来实现脱碳目标.


Alberta Carbon Grid

The Alberta Carbon Grid (ACG) is a carbon transportation system reaching the province’s largest sources of industrial emissions. Designed to be an open-access system, the ACG will serve as the backbone of Alberta’s emerging carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) industry, connecting the Fort McMurray region, the Alberta Industrial Heartland, and the Drayton Valley region to key sequestration locations and delivery points across the province, and serving multiple industries. When fully constructed, the system will be capable of transporting more than 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

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Alberta Power Marketing

In total, TC Energy manages, 在阿尔伯塔省运营和销售近450兆瓦的电力. TC Energy is directly involved in all facets of the Alberta power market with expertise in power marketing and trading, generation development, 零售服务(计费和负荷结算)和监管问题.


Hydrogen – Prairie Horizon Hydrogen

TC Energy and Marathon Petroleum Corporation are exploring a clean energy project that includes the development of hydrogen and ammonia production plants.


Hydrogen — Hyzon Agreement

TC Energy and Hyzon have executed an agreement to explore joint co-developing hydrogen hubs in the U.S. and Canada.


Hydrogen — Nikola Agreement

TC Energy and Nikola have executed a joint development to explore co-developing large-scale clean hydrogen hubs in the U.S. and Canada.


Ways to reach us


U.S. offices

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180 N. LaSalle Street
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Canada office

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Trading Platform — Canada and U.S. Networks

700 Louisiana Street
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Media Relations
TC Energy welcomes enquiries from media. Please direct questions to:
1-800-608-7859 Toll-free (North America)

Investor Relations
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